You are worthy!

 Calling all who wish to directly and profoundly shift the potential of planetary spiritual evolution. 

Holding space for a group distance meditation to awaken the Authentic Self. 

On SundayMarch 10th, at 8:00 to 8:30pm EST we will create a distance group intention/meditation to awaken this part of ourselves with the goal of a permanent condition for our consciousness. We will repeat this every other Sunday from the 10th onward until we achieve our goal of full awakening in one or more individuals. 

The Authentic Self, a state also referred to by some theosophists and Christians as the Christ Consciousness, is a state of expanded awareness and direct action toward the process of the organic spiritual evolution. 

The full realization of this process has been in a suspended state due to the unilateral human rejection of the potential for everyone to equally, actively, and directly set the spiritual evolutionary gears in motion. 

We are all worthy of this state of consciousness regardless of our ideologies, so called stations in life or imperfections of the soul. There is no spiritual hierarchy actively barring our entry into this expanded condition, in fact it is an organic "responsibility" for us to do so. 

What it looks like: 

For those of you who are mediums or healers, you enter shallowly into this state all of the time. This is the source of the wisdom that allows you to act outside the bounds of linear, rational thinking, and to move impulsively and directly through the necessary actions to a create a shift and awakening in the energy system of another. In fact what we refer to as awakening is the beginning process of moving toward this natural state as a condition of spiritual evolution. 

For everyone:

Simply enter into meditative state and focus your intention on the goal to Awaken the Authentic Self. Focus your awareness on your heart energy center and allow your awareness to settle into that area. This is the original seat of your consciousness and will draw you more deeply into the condition of Awakening and alignment within the Authentic Self. 

What it might feel like: 

Some of you may feel blissful and at peace. Some may experience impulsive reactions from the body and mind as if you have been "taken over" by some other consciousness or awareness. Rest assured, that consciousness is your own and is simply trying to help you to help yourself by directing you through what your rational, linear mind cannot. You may find that you make spontaneous hand gestures or mudras. You may feel the need to enter yogic postures or speak in unfamiliar ways. These are all ways that the buried intuitive, the true state of the original mind, reaches out to reconnect with egoic state. This is in order to smooth the transition of alignment between the ego and cosmic awareness, which is embodied in the feminine. 

What is the goal of this: 

To enter fully into the state of Authentic Self. This means to Fully Awaken. A single fully awakened individual is capable of fully awakening the masses and this will begin a spiritual chain reaction that will gradually shift the balance of global spiritual power into a unified movement, goal and intention. We can all achieve this in this lifetime, but some among us are more readily aware and able to do so first. This will shift the spiritual landscape for everyone. And make the transition for everyone smoother and easier. Our goal is to create a collective, energetic medium for nurturing this condition in order to fully activate it in one of us, then the rest will follow.